I will give you information about the use of the gallery and the events held regularly at the gallery.

I want to support young artists! And I want to send "honmamon" from Chakichian!

I want people to see and feel real from Chakichian.I want to bring young artists into the world.With that in mind, I decided to use it as a gallery. “If I have a chance to come into contact with the space close to me, I think I can have a wonderful day with a casual daily life.”If your sensibilities are brushed, you’ll be inspired by a small incident and turn into a series of surprises and discoveries.Also, I would like young artists who have power but have not been able to show that power to be used as a presentation place.I want the world to fly.I want to cheer you up. I want to offer a place like that.That’s how I made this space.I hope you will feel the power of history in a 250 year old house.



1room rental:
・3h/2,000yen+ 3h2,000円

2room rental:
・1session(6day[carry-in date and carry-out date])
※The others are equivalent to the one room rent.


3room rental:
・1session(6day[carry-in date and carry-out date])
※The others are equivalent to the one room rent.


 all room rental:
・1session(6day[carry-in date and carry-out date])
※Consultation is required for room distribution such as air conditioning.
※The sales fee is 30% more than the sales price.

gallery view

I’m going to show you the scenery that people who used to use the gallery until now.

Gallery Tsuyoshi!! Go!


Yamuneki concert


Gallery Soft!! NEW!!






Mr. Hagiwara inherited the cotton wholesalers’ trade name “Chaya Kichibei”, which had existed for generations. And the shortened form “Chakichi” suggests the fond feelings of the local people. Now, when renovating this old house, he named this place the Chakichian, after the tradename Chakichi.