I will provide you with detailed information about Chayoyuan.

We would like to create a place for young artists to work.

These artists are skillful, but it is hard to get a chance to see their work because they haven’t made their name yet.

There are many reasons why we have followed artists like this.
We wanted to create many occasions to show off these artists’ activities.
We are offering our support for various activities for these artists through offering the use of the Chakichian for exhibitions and sale of merchandise.


I’m Koji Hagiwara, the representative of Chaya Kichibei, a joint venture company which owns the Chakichian.
When I inherited the position of the nineteenth generation of the head of our family, I resolved to maintain and preserve this building.
However, in modern society, there is a limit to how much an individual can do to maintain this old private house. It is better to open it up so that a lot of people can use it, creating a space that the local people can enjoy.

Then, in May 2007, we launched the Chakichian Project, a revitalization enterprise, with the help of ten colleagues.
In April 2018, we established Chaya Kichibei, a joint venture company, and we will maintain and manage the residences, as well as carrying out event planning and gallery management.
The renovation is expected to take more than 20 years, and we really appreciate your continued support, guidance and encouragement.

The Origin of the Name Chakichian

Mr Hagiwara runs the generations-old cotton wholesalers’ business Chaya Kichibei. The local people started calling it by a new name, Chakichi, as a sign of familiarity.
Now, with the revitalization of activities in this traditional building, this space has taken its name from Chakichi and has been named the Chakichian.
Chakchian has been renovated and is reborn!
Chakichian is a renovated building that was built 250 years ago and was a cotton wholesale warehouse.

You can find out just how much things changed in the refurbishment.



Information on Chikachian
Company: Chaya Kichibei (Limited Liability Company)

Representative: Koji Hagiwara

Address: 3-1 Onjinaka-machi, Yao, Osaka Prefecture.

Telephone: 072-943-7007 (Chokichi An)  090-3051-4426 (Yukuru Cafe)

Mail : info@chakichian.co.jp (Chakichian)
  yukurucafe50@gmail.com (Yukuru cafe)



Access Information

By car

There is a parking area with a limited number of places.

By train

1. Get off at Onji Station (on the Kintetsu Osaka Line, Station code D14).
2. Go south through a covered shopping street and make a left turn at an end.
3. Go straight on along Prefectural Route 15. It is located on the right-hand side of the junction with the Higashi-Gōya Highway (National Highway No. 170). It is approximately 650 meters from the station, and about 8 minutes’ walk.


I would like to introduce the members involved in the regeneration of Chakichian.




[My thoughts to Chayoshoan]

Nineteenth generation, as Yoshihide Tea-ya, I want to pass on what I have inherited to posterity.I would like to support the members of the Chiyoan Project and foster it into a space where many people, young and old, are happy.

[Self introduction]

Born in Hachio City, Osaka Prefecture, October 28, 1939

Since the Edo period, the family business has operated a Yoyogi cotton wholesaler, and since the Meiji period, has been making a living as a machine shop (a textile industry) based on local cotton.

Complete withdrawal from the textile industry in 1993.At the same time, he joined a Miyabe Bookstore FC and opened a Miyabe Bookstore Osaka Kashiwabara store.

Think seriously about the town bookstore and the future of the publishing industry. “The bookstore supports Japan’s national power from the bottom,” he said.

Osaka Prefectural Bookstore Commercial Union Vice President, Hanana Tohan Association Accounting Manager, Kashiwabara City Book Delivery Union Director, Director-General of BOOK EXPO 2011, Director-General of the Board of Executions

In May 2009, the Chaiyuan Project was launched to revitalize the old houses of their parents.



[My thoughts to Chayoshoan]

By giving consideration to buildings and leaving buildings behind, “I want to pass on the lives of the ordinary people in the past to the next generation.” As a former Kawai cotton wholesaler, Kawai cotton is used.
I would like to connect with you.”

No matter how old the buildings and landscapes are, they cannot be called attractive towns and spaces without people.
Persistent, centered around people by engaging and connecting people
I think it will become a town or a space.
I would be happy if the tea-ceremony-an became the place of that kind of kicker.

[Self introduction]

Let’s enjoy the local city of Yao!

At SorASIA, a company that serves as the representative director, we can use old houses and vacant houses as community resources.
I am currently working on this project, thinking that by looking for it in the whole region, it could lead to an increase in area value.

Good shops, good efforts, good places, and good people.
Giving out Yao’s charm carefully and raising the expectations of Machi.
Yao Lab
I am also updating it.



[My thoughts to Chayoshoan]

We will not only use DIY to regenerate Chayoyuan, but also connect people and people through DIY and follow them so that many people, especially people in the community, can interact with each other.

[Self introduction]

Type B, born in January 1986.

In 2018, he became independent as a re-lab-ReLab, and he will use DIY as an instructor for ordinary people who want to make things from toys to furniture and interior decor.

Courses, lectures and events are being held, mainly in kindergartens and elementary schools, to learn about the environment and traditional Japanese culture through tree-based manufacturing.



[My thoughts to Chayoshoan]

“I have been in the U.S. for 20 years and feel very valuable about Japanese old and good things.

Chaiyuan has a history that has been cherished for 250 years.

The value of leaving is great and I hope to be of some help.

[Self introduction]

I’m an English teacher who can teach golf as well as a mysterious Asian.

I enjoy tennis once a week.



[My thoughts to Chayoshoan]

“Chayoyuan” is over 250 years old.

You can discover artists you haven’t seen yet and transmit them to the world through an exhibition that you can do because it is a Japanese residential area.

I want to encourage many people to incorporate art into their daily lives. Discover and enjoy.

I would like to make Chiyoan a gallery that can foster such a Japanese-style and circle.

[Self introduction]

He was born in Osaka Prefecture in 1982.

He works as a freelance illustrator designer based in the Osaka Nanagawa area, and also as an art writer.

They will produce cut pictures based on the local theme and work based on the concept of small aa |-t which changes color everyday.



[My thoughts to Chayoshoan]

The owner, Yoshie Chaya, is a friend of mine from junior high school.

I would like to support him with my marketing skills and network to realize his wish to leave this old house that has continued since the Edo period as a city’s La Ndmark.

[Self introduction]

Tenshiki A, born on October 21, 1939, was born and raised in Hachio, Osaka Prefecture.My hobbies are music and rakugo.I am working mainly as a planner, director and facilitator in the marketing area at Izu Co., Ltd., where I myself represent.I am also a lecturer on career design at Osaka City University of Economics and Law in Yao City.

The Chakichian has been featured in the media!

Here are some of the media which have featured the Chakichian.

What? Kin-sama (First April Edition)

Whew! We were interviewed about the Chakichian.

This Town’s Archive

The Chakichian was introduced in Mitsui Sumitomo Trust Real Estate’s feature This Town’s Archive in a feature about the region’s agricultural and industrial production, and the development of Kawachi cotton.

NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station

NHK interviewed us about the renovation project of the old house by the Chakichian.

Yaomania (Vol. 21, Fall Issue 2017).

Yaomania featured the Chakichian project at the Hagiwara family residence in a special feature on the Onchi neighborhood.

Kashiwara Ii-net

Kashiwara Ii-net has reported on the Chakichian project.

Hashizume Daisuke.com

Youtuber Daisuke Hashizume has made a video about the Chakichian project.


Mr. Hagiwara inherited the cotton wholesalers’ trade name “Chaya Kichibei”, which had existed for generations. And the shortened form “Chakichi” suggests the fond feelings of the local people. Now, when renovating this old house, he named this place the Chakichian, after the tradename Chakichi.